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How to set up a conditional value list for multiple fields in single record

Question asked by dtwalsh on Feb 7, 2017
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I'm relatively new to FileMaker (FMP15) and am trying to create a conditional value list that can be used by multiple fields within the same record. I've searched and can't find anything that relates to this condition. The value list is two-tier (e.g., category and feature). Each record in this table has fields to accommodate up to 10 category-feature combinations, such as Cat1, Feat1, Cat2, Feat2....Cat10, Feat10. These should all populate from the same value list. I tested the list by relating the Cat1 field to the Category field in the first table occurrence (which is linked to the second by the same field). This works as intended. The problem arises when I try to link the other 9 fields to the same TOs. Adding just the second field (Cat2) causes the feature list to fail in both second-level fields (Feat1 and Feat2). All of the fields in the layout are set up to work the same way (dropdown lists) and they reference the same value lists. Do I need to create separate value lists and TOs (copies) for each of the remaining 9 fields or (I'm hoping) is there a better way. I appreciate any guidance you can provide.