Webdirect textboxes don't match up (Windows Chrome issue)

Discussion created by bryanade on Feb 7, 2017
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I'm using Filemaker Pro 15 and have designed a simple database that I would like to access via WebDirect.


The problem I'm having is that when the layouts are accessed on different machines, some of the textboxes are overlapping with each other, while other are truncated (e.g. if I have three radio buttons, only the first two are visible).


I cannot replicate the formatting problem on my own machine and have tested the Webdirect layouts on Firefox, Chrome and Safari; however, when I open the same layouts on Windows Chrome (I believe it's Windows 10), this happens. The font sizes also seem to change when on the Windows machine. This does not change when I adjust the font size of Chrome to be "smaller", nor does it matter what size the windows is (or whether full screen or not). Has anyone else run into this issue? And if so, how did you fix it?


(title edited to reflect the actual issue)