Button Script- How to "Find" record by field date in another layout

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I am trying to write a script for a button but am running into trouble:


On our invoices layout- we have a "load in date". I am trying to create a button that when pressed, takes us to our Showday (schedule) layout- pulling the exact date (which is called "In_Time_Date) that matches the value in the invoices Load in date field. This is so the user can go right to our schedule instead of needing to manually enter Showday and perform a manual find for that specific date.


I thought about setting the script to search by invoice_Id between the two layouts since that is another common field- but that would pull more than one record as some rentals can be out for several days. If I could figure out how to pull the load in date (and perhaps a second button to auto find the load out date) that'd be ideal.


I had tried:

Copy [Select; Invoices::Load_In_Date]

Go to [Showday]

Enter Find Mode []

Paste [Select; aDate]

Perform Find []

Show All


But it does not work I keep getting an error.


I am still learning my way through this program, I had thought there was an easy way to find matching fields between layouts but perhaps I'm mistaken?


Forgive me in advance for potentially missing proper lingo etc. I'm a little slow this morning!


Thanks in advance!