Conditional Value List Empty

Discussion created by tleitzke on Feb 7, 2017
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I am trying to make a contractor contractor application. Contractors are all on a single list, with who they work for, their name, their email, and a cc email. I am trying to create conditional value lists so I can select "business"(who they work for), and then have a second field for WHO (everyone under that list with said business selected). I have followed several videos (pro 12 and 14) and everything looks correct- but my lists come up empty.


I am able to get the "business" value list to work perfectly fine (just grabs all values...). But then my Contractor value list always just appears blank. It is supposed to pull every contractor under "business 1" or "business 2" (they work using drop down list, so no spelling problems). I also do not know how to add the email's (cc and contact email) without using another drop down...(not really a big problem. but annoying I guess)