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Find on a variable responds on the wrong field

Question asked by MarkPage_1 on Feb 8, 2017
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I am creating a reporting DB, in which I enter hours per month each year. I also have first and last names and normal fields like "Comments".  I have a field for year eg "2017", and another for month eg "Jan". I will have many years and months, so I set up a concatenation of year and month to produce eg "2017Jan". I've created a script with a variable to find "2017Jan".


However I only get a result from the script if the comments field is empty!


The comments field defaults to "0" if I leave it empty. If I delete the "0" then perform the find that record then shows up in the find.


This is bewildering to say the least.


2 questions:


1 What on earth is wrong?

2 How do I set up so that all fields with no data remain blank?


Any help gratefully received. I'm using FMP 12.0v4 by the way.