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      Can anyone help me with the script for difference of dates so that i have a field with days remaining there.




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          "the" script indicates a specific script you don't specify nor show


          a field there, where ?


          Please always use the template


          as a <....>,


          and let us decide what you need in order to.


          it might be


          - a script

          - a calc field

          - a new relationship

          - a conditional formatting

          - a new table

          - a autoenter

          - a field validation

          - a privilege

          - a sort

          - a layout

          - a trigger

          - a value list

          - a custom function

          - maybe a plugin



          and any combo of the above.

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            With that very limited description this sounds more like you need a calculation field, not a script, such as:

            Get ( CurrentDate ) - <yourDateField>

            This would give you the number of days that have elapsed since the date in your field up to the present. That could be used for a "how long since we started this job?" or similar question.

            If that's way off the beam, please explain yourself in more detail.

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