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    Arciving Databases


      Hi Team,

      I have a new Database every financial year.

      At present the Database is 32GB.

      Is there a way of archiving them as a read only Database, so I don't keep this Database stored at 32GB, as they are taking up a lot of memory every year.

      many thanks


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          Johan Hedman

          Have another Privilege Set where you can only search but make no changes to your data

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            If you have a lot of scripts and layouts and calculations and summary fields, you can export as FileMaker and get a lean-and-mean copy of data-in-time. All calculations and summaries will become as is at the time. Summaries won't be useful, but calculations will become number or text or date or time and loose the formulas.


            You'd have to make sure the logins only allow read-only, but it should trim a lot down.