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Audit Log and Popovers

Question asked by on Feb 8, 2017
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Hello Community,


I have forms in popover buttons. For example when I click on “New Customer” (Top Left corner button), a form comes up.

I’ve got  an script which captures information for audit log such as layoutname, table name, old value and new value etc. The script is attatched to“OnObjectExit” (script trigger).


The problem is when I type something in one field and click in the next one, the script run, it creates the audit log of that table, BUT it than close the popover button. So soon I exist field, the script create the record and once runs fully it than close the popover button.


I don’t want to close the popover button unless I click “Save” or “Cancel” or X button in the corner.


How I can amend my script so it don’t close the popover button.


Many Thanks.