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    Runtime Solutions and Portable Devices


      Hi Developers,


      I've searched online for this but I can't seem to find my answer so I was wondering if you could help me. I'm looking to make a runtime solution on a Windows PC that is a calculator. I want to distribute this to people and want them to be able to use it on their phones/tablets. I understand that on a computer this solution will only work with Windows, but how about with Android or iOS phones?


      Also, will they need to download Filemaker Go 15 in order to use this even if it is a runtime solution? Do you think it would be easier to distribute a runtime version for Windows machines, and then a standard Filemaker file version for phones?


      Sorry I'm totally new to runtime stuff so any information you can give me would be super useful


      Thank you,



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          Android is not an option for FileMaker and what you describe short of setting it up on a webserver and having them access it via a web browser.


          Any FileMaker file of recent version can be copied to an iOS device such as an iPhone and opened in FileMaker GO--which is a free app.


          There is an iOS SDK tool that can be used to set up an app from the FileMaker solution that does not require FileMaker Go.


          FileMaker Advanced can be used to create a run time version of your solution for deployment on Mac and Windows devices that do not have FileMaker installed. Run times have certain built in limitations and deployment on Macs takes a bit more jumping through hoops so you need to research this option if you choose to use it.