How to Obtain a Standalone installer

Discussion created by goetch on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by mcrip

I know I can not be the only admin that does not allow their users admin rights.  I currently use a package management system to deploy my software and updates.  With FileMaker 15 there is no option to download the standalone updaters or the full installers.  What is even crazier is that the knowledge base tells me to download the full installer from my electronic downloads, however, it has been over 90 days since FileMaker 15 came out so how can I access my electronic software downloads after 90 days with out having to contact support? 


It is also quite crazy that the instructions for FMS 15 on mac say use the the full installer but yet I can not download it.  Having to contact support and waiting in order to update a product I have paid maintenance contracts on is ludicrous.  I hope that FileMaker rectifies this lunacy soon.