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drop down list text format too small

Question asked by jbinkert on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by TSGal

I have a xxx.fmp12 database and in it an entry layout with a drop down list used to select and populate details for the fields that follow.


The control works fine but when I upgraded to the FMP 15 platform from the FMP 13 platform, the text formatting for the drop down list is really tiny.

Once I've made my selection from the drop down list control, the field and the fields that follow are populated with Arial 12 as expected.

It's only the presentation of the drop down list that shows text at a very small font size.


It was quite some time ago that I created this layout but I can't seem to determine anywhere that I can set the specific text display parameters for the drop down list.  Please keep in mind that it all works as expected in FMP 13.


Does anyone have any suggestions for a fix?


Also notice, in Layout view, my toolbar icons on the top of the screen are also about 25% of the size expected.


I've applied the latest FMP 15 update but these two issues persist.


Attached is a Word doc with screen shots


Software info: = latest FMP Advanced on a Win10/64 OS all up to date.