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Trouble entering IPA characters using dead keys

Question asked by dbsolnit on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by dbsolnit

I’m using the IPA Unicode 6.2(v1.5) MAC.keylayout MSKLC keyboard from SIL with FileMaker Pro 12. Some combinations work OK, such as >n producing ŋ (velar nasal) and =e producing ə (schwa), but when I try to enter diacritics such o@3 which should produce ó (o with acute accent)  the result is first something like o@, with the @ appearing underlined, then when I continue and type the 3, there's a beep and the @ disappears. If I type the word with diacritics in another application like TextEdit, then copy and paste it into FileMaker, the diacritic appears properly. But of course that’s not very satisfactory.


I have the FileMaker Pro field set to Charis SIL. I’m using a MacBook Pro running Mac OS Sierra, 10.2.


Is this a known issue with FileMaker? Thanks for any help.