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    Trouble entering IPA characters using dead keys


      I’m using the IPA Unicode 6.2(v1.5) MAC.keylayout MSKLC keyboard from SIL with FileMaker Pro 12. Some combinations work OK, such as >n producing ŋ (velar nasal) and =e producing ə (schwa), but when I try to enter diacritics such o@3 which should produce ó (o with acute accent)  the result is first something like o@, with the @ appearing underlined, then when I continue and type the 3, there's a beep and the @ disappears. If I type the word with diacritics in another application like TextEdit, then copy and paste it into FileMaker, the diacritic appears properly. But of course that’s not very satisfactory.


      I have the FileMaker Pro field set to Charis SIL. I’m using a MacBook Pro running Mac OS Sierra, 10.2.


      Is this a known issue with FileMaker? Thanks for any help.