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Why can I not resize text on a layout to the size I want it to be?

Question asked by jonread on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by BowdenData

I want to place merge fields into a text area on a layout for a report.  I want this text area to be of a specific size to fit the contents of the field data NOT the size of the field names (which can be quite long).  However, FM in is wisdom resizes the text area to fit whatever text is placed in there.  In FM training it was stated that it was good practice to place 'read-only' values into these text 'areas' - it is also useful in mail merge situations to bring fields together neatly in reports.


It is impossible for me to resize these fields smaller than its contents using the usual handles as I would be able to do in 'other' packages. FM support responded stating that this was 'by design', however as a workaround I could set the sizes using the properties in the inspector panel.  Great, I had figured this out already but who wants to do this.  When do we know how many pixels these areas should be.  Also, and perhaps more importantly, is that once I have set this size and want to edit its contents the box/area resizes once more meaning that I have to reset the sizes in the inspector panel once more.


Surely this 'design feature' could and should be changed to help the developer?