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exporting to excel

Question asked by ronanjcullen on Feb 8, 2017
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I have written a short script whose purpose is to perform a find, and export the found records to an Excel spreadsheet. I'm facing a problem with teh output file, however. It does not seem to be in Excel format, and I can't seem to open it. At the same time, when I stepped through the commands, I was able to correctly output the file and open it in Excel. Can anyone suggest what I may be missing?


Here is the script I have:

Go to Latout ["RenewalsTable" (RenewalsTable)]

Perform Find [Restore]

Export Records [No Dialog; "UpcomingRenewals"; Automatically open; Western European]

Go to Layout [original layout]


I am using Filemaker Pro 13.


Thanks in advance. Ronan Cullen