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Using external data source as primary storage

Question asked by davidwollesen on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by davidwollesen

Hi there,


I am an experienced FM-developer, however the other day, a thought that I’ve never had before hit me. I am currently in the phase of updating a desktop App for a client, thus also importing all records that, in the mean time, have been created in the hosted file, to the local updated file.


Then it hit me; in stead of having to deal with data migration as well as possible risks if developing on a live/hosted file, then WHY NOT ALWAYS USE AN EXTERNAL FILEMAKER DATA FILE (hosted on FMS) as the complete DB-scheme? Meaning a local file to distribute to clients that just only uses external data sources. Then I would just have to distribute a new updated local file every time there are updates to layouts, reports, scripts etc, eliminating the risk of messing stuff up (as long as no changes happens to the DB-infrastructure of course).


Besides this, I am guessing that this would also allow me to distribute hosted iOS apps using the iOS SDK. Or would the iOS SDK framework not work with external data sources? Or is it not possible to have IOS SDK apps shared remotely?


What is your take on performance and just pros and cons in general? the idea of having a local file that just uses external data sources sounds like possible increases in performance to me, as the client does not have to load all data every time. But here I am not sure how it actually works with external data sources; when asking for data from a single table, is FileMaker Pro then loading the whole external file or just the data needed?


I cannot really find head and tail in these possibilities..


Any thought are appreciated, thanks! !