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    Only the first field in portal shows data


      Only the first field in portal shows data. The data is correct but nothing else is showing.


      The Portal is from a Customer Table into a Projects Table


      The first field is the Customer ID Field and it shows the correct ID

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          Assuming relationship and data are correct, check to see if field is from correct table occurrence and is correctly "owned" by the portal.


          To check the latter, move the portal while in layout mode and confirm that the fields in the portal row move with the portal. If they don't, use mouse to drag them away from portal, release mouse and then drag them back. Do not release mouse button until you are sure field is fully within borders of portal row.


          To check the former, compare the text to the left of :: in "show data from" for the field on the inspector's data tab with the text in "show related records from" on portal set up. It should, in most cases, be exactly the same.

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