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Layout Mode: Copied fields will not paste anywhere

Question asked by Bart57266 on Feb 9, 2017

I'm in FMP Advanced 11.0v3 (yes, behind the times), editing a database hosted on another machine running Filemaker Server 11 (I choose OPEN, click the REMOTE button, select the one and only HOST appearing on our network, then select the database file and click the OPEN button).


I am having problems with the following:


Choose View menu: Layout Mode

Select Layout A

Select several fields by dragging a box around them

Switch to Layout B (in the same table)



Problem: Only certain fields get pasted into Layout B. Other fields that were selected in Layout A do not.


Second try:

Still in Layout Mode

Switch to Layout A

Select just one of the fields that wouldn't paste

Choose Copy from the Edit menu (just to make sure it wasn't grayed out and unusable)

Switch to Layout B

Click in a blank area of the layout (to tell FMP where to paste the field)

Choose Paste from the Edit menu (just to make sure it wasn't grayed out and unusable)


Result: Nothing. The field will not appear.


Third try:

Same as second try, but remain in Layout A the whole time.

Same result.


Fourth try:

Same as Third try, but option-drag field instead of copying and pasting.

Result: Dialog box pops up to confirm field selection, I choose OK, and the duplicated field appears.


Am I doing something wrong when trying to copy and paste fields?

It works, but not on certain fields.