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ACCESS DENIED in legacy v6 file despite having full ADMIN PW

Question asked by on Feb 9, 2017
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A legacy client was happy as a clam using their FMPro v6 solution (problem-free) -- UNTIL -- upgrading their computer FORCED them into needing a more current version of FMPro. They sent their files to me to upmigrate (v6 to v11 to v15 increments needed), BUT, at every attempt to open their file, DESPITE my having the ADMIN (full access) login, the screen goes to the ACCESS DENIED grayed out screen (happens in ALL 3 versions). I MERELY NEED to get the DATA OUT.


I have a CLEAN, UNDAMAGED v15 version of their schema, but some access damage must have occurred over the past 7 plus years to their deploy, that is preventing me from getting beyond the ACCESS DENIED screen ( within the opened module).


I can get to File >> Export Records >> but no fields are available to export.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE -- any knowledge or circumnavigation ideas that may help me PLEASE?