executeSQL to find if a single record exists on Client VS Server performance

Discussion created by ericjlindholm on Feb 9, 2017
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I am optimizing my inventory check in/check out system to work over Wan.  It creates a "usage instance" record every time an item is used.  The table is pretty narrow but the record count will get high quickly.    If I use a SQL search to find if any "usage instance" record with a matching id_inventory also value of 1 on a field called isActive from a table 100,000 records, would it it still be faster to ask the server to run the sql query and return a result to the client?  in this case, it will only need to return an Id field if the record exists or no results. 


i know a lot of factors play into this but I have optimized my start up procedures to open to a table with no fields or records and skip the regular client start up procedure.   lets assume my server is properly deployed as well. 


the reason I ask is executeSQL seems so fast right now on the client but i only have about 15000 records and its mostly running on a Lan.  If there is not an easy answer to this, I will just have to run some tests but copies of my DB.  Thanks for reading!