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Export filemaker data to array or similair for php loop use

Question asked by BKamp on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by User26869

Hi guys!


I have one main table with client info lets call it ‘Client’, this is the table my main layout is based on. I have another table called ‘Payouts’ with payout records for my client (one every quarter year), this table is linked to Client with the client ID. On my main layout I have a portal to display and create the payouts per client.


Is there some way I can export this data (multiple records per client) in an array, JSON or whatsoever? I need this data to be displayed on my website’s user portal and want an easy (manual control) export from Filemaker that I can Import in my MySQL db on the server or read a JSOn file or something. That way I can use php to loop over them and display them in the user panel.


I’m already doing this with ‘static’ data such as client name, address, etc etc, but the payout are dynamic (new one’s every once in a while.


Any tips on this would be awesome, I would like to do this manual, no live connection (safety) to the Filemaker db with web publishing or something.