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    Email not sending, unknown reason


      I have 2 scripts that are pretty much mirrors of each other in order to send a contract request. It use to be working, but between the time it last worked- there was a power outage, and I changed the titles  of the email. I did the obvious simple debug of making the title empty and changing the 'to' email to a specific email and having 'CC' cleared; and I still got the error that email could not be send. I don't know what else could be the problem. Both PDF pages do turn into PDF , so that isn;t a problem either. The password/email was stripped, and the "Send Selectrical PDF" is missing the variable set line "Set Variable [$NewElectricalPO.pdf]"- but that didn't change the problem putting it back in.


      The script was working with sending attachment before there was a problem(script is also used in another filemaker that works fine)*

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          Without knowing exactly what has happened, in conjunction with the other thread you posted today I think you're having trouble due to file corruption caused by the power outage hitting your computer at the worst possible time.


          My advice would be to revert to a backup copy of the file (if you have one). Failing that, rebuilding from scratch is the preferred process for ensuring no corruption exists in a file.


          If you're happy to keep using the file in its current state, I would see what happens when you reset each and every piece of information in that particular script step, and if that doesn't work, create a new Send Email step in that script and populate it with the appropriate data, and if that doesn't fix it, re-create the entire script.


          This might sound like a lot of work, but dealing with file corruption is. You can test every object you can think of and recreate things to the nth degree and there _still_ might be something wrecked in the file and you can never find it or access it. In the future, keep good backups and test hem occasionally so you know which ones you can trust.