FileMaker Server might be corrupting our file??

Discussion created by scottworld on Feb 9, 2017
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Not sure what's going on here, but it seems like FileMaker Server 15.0.3 might be corrupting one of our FileMaker files further & further?? Yet the strange thing is that FileMaker Pro's Recovery command (along with FMDiff) insists that the file is completely fine, that there is no damage at all in the file, that everything is 100% fine with the file, and that the file is perfectly safe to use.


However, this is clearly not the case, because the file seems to be falling apart before our very eyes, and keeps getting worse every day.


And, worst of all, if we do attempt recovery on the file, the recovered file then becomes unusable... even though FileMaker Pro still insists (after the recovery) that there are absolutely no problems found during recovery and that the file is completely safe to use. FMDiff also insists that the file is fine, but it is not -- it seems to be damaged and perhaps it was even damaged by FMS 15.0.3?? Not sure.


This is the same exact file where FileMaker Server 15.0.3 changed all the fonts on all 300 layouts in our file. After that happened, we switched from a Mac server to a Windows 2012 R2 Server, also running FileMaker Server 15.0.3.


So yesterday, FileMaker Server 15.0.3 was hosting our file just fine, and suddenly, out of the blue, one of the records suddenly showed question marks for all 215 fields for that particular record. A user was simply looking at this record on her screen, and the record changed to 215 question marks (i.e. one question mark per field) right before her very eyes.


The Data Viewer shows us that this record still has an internal FileMaker RecordID if we type in Get(RecordID) in the Data Viewer, but the Data Viewer shows that all the fields have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in them (just a blank/empty value for all fields). The ONLY DATA that this record has is the internal FileMaker RecordID.


So that's pretty bad so far. But sadly, it gets worse.


1. If we run "Check Consistency" on the file, FileMaker Pro reports no problems whatsoever with the file.


2. If we save a compressed copy of the file, the same problem exists in the compressed copy of the file. The corrupt record still has 215 question marks for that particular record.


3. If we run the "Recover" command on the file, FileMaker Pro completely rebuilds the file from scratch and reports no problems found. However, after the recovery, the file is unusable.


If we run the "Recover" command on the file, this is what happens:


a) After the recovery, FileMaker reports that no problems were found and that the file is totally safe to use.

b) However, after the recovery, the corrupt record is completely missing. The corrupt record is completely gone after the recover.

c) Also, after the recovery, certain layouts are now damaged. We can no longer go into certain layouts in the file. If we go into certain layouts, FileMaker freezes up with the spinning beachball... and then unexpectedly quits. Even stranger is that these damaged layouts are from COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TABLES than the table where the corrupt record lived! So these corrupt layouts cannot be entered, and these corrupt layouts are from different tables than the corrupt record.


Not really sure what to do at this point.