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    Why do I get a ?


      I have a field <<Name_Full>> that was working perfectly to combine First Name and Last Name fields.  Now just recently, it displays old records correctly, but will not combine for new records.  I just get "?" instead of the combined name.  When I go to my layout, click-and-hold on this field, I can see a ? mark faintly.  I haven't changed anything recently.  Any ideas?

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          "?" indicates that a calculation is not able to evaluate to a good result.


          I would check the calculation of that full name field to see if something has changed or is indicated as broken.


          Given your description, this will be in the auto-enter calculation settings for the field.

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            is the field length long enough to display the new records? which happens on numeric fields .. so maybe not relevant ..

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              Thanks for the quick reply.  If there is a problem with the calculation, why are the older records still working?  If I inadvertently changed something, shouldn't it have affected all the records not just new records?

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                That's what I had thought at first since the name I noticed it on was a very long hyphenated name.  Increasing the length of the field had no effect.  After checking the other recently added records, I noticed it was doing it with newly added names that were short.

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                  Have you gone back to the calculation that creates Name_Full and checked that the table name is in place before the field?  Maybe try adding the table name?  Something like tablename::firstname & " " & tablename::lastname

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                    I got it.  I checked the calculation and I noticed at some point the field names changed from Name_First and Name_Last to First Name and Last Name and the calculation stopped working.  I would have thought that all of the records should have stopped working at the time of the change, but apparently that didn't happen.  Since a calculation cannot be made on field names with spaces, I changed the field names to First_Name and Last_Name and corrected the <<Name_Full>> calculation to reflect that change and it worked.  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  I think I would have checked that sooner but the fact that the old records didn't change threw me off.

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                      also, perhaps they were previously stored (old records) and that's why they name change did not affect them?


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                        To expand on Beverly's answer. If you alter the calculation for an auto-enter calc, this does not automatically cause a re-evaluation for existing records.