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    Dropdown/Value List of filtered results?


      I have a table of Families, and a table of Students. The Students are associated to families by Family_ID.


      Is there a way I can create a Value List (or populate options for a Dropdown list) that only has the specific Students that are associated with the specific Family_ID that is associated with the current record in the Family layout?


      Ie. Janie and Johnny are students in the Smith family. Kevin and Sarah are students in the Johnson family. When in the Smith record layout, I want the dropdown list to show only "Janie" and "Johnny" as options.

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          Yes, you can use a conditional value list. Use a value list based on the contents of a field but then specify your related table where it says "include only related values starting from". It's important to note that there is a start and end to every relationship. The end table occurrence must be specified first at the top of the field list before you can specify the start below the field list.

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            For those interested in learning more about conditional value lists here's a file that demonstrates the basic conditional value list--what is described here plus many other methods for getting a conditional value list. Each example is a working example and comes with detailed documentation on how they work.