Lookup and then Update Values in Multiple Fields from related table

Discussion created by bokenrosie on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2017 by siplus

I'm trying to put a pop-up menu on a form and running into problems.


I have fields processorFirstName, processorLastname, processorEmail, and processorPhoneNumber that are sitting in a table that is related to a another table called transactions.  I have pkProcessorContactID related to fkContactID in the transactions table and have the relationship set to allow records in transactions to create records in processor.


What I would like to do is click on either a button or one of the fields in the transaction form and have it bring up a list where I can choose one and then all four fields on the transactions update.  Right now only the first field is updating when I turn it into a popup.


I feel like I'm close but cannot quite get it to work.