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2,5 weeks of records not saved by Filemaker

Question asked by paulafm on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2017 by gdurniak

Any help is very much appreciated.


After quiting my Filemaker-database (FM Pro 13 Advanced) and reopening all new records made since january 23 (2,5 weeks ago) are gone!


All backups since january 23 via Timemachine (automatic Mac-backup) and Dropbox (where my database is placed) show the same loss of records (probably 50 records, including important ones).


When working last two weeks there were no records missing in the document, they were visible and accessible, as usual.  But now they are gone.


- What to do, can I somehow recover lost records?

- Filemaker autosaves records, how could this happen?

- What did I do wrong, and how to prevent this in the future?


I use FM Pro 13 Advanced just for my own business, and I work alone so there is nobody interfering.  Use FM for 15 years now, this has never happened.