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My name is Jeffrey, and I'm a new FM developer with a little web development experience under my belt.

I have a project that I'm seeking advice for, and all guidance is appreciated.


Using FM Server and a remotely hosted Wordpress website, I intend to build a PDF form generator which would refer to the FM database for resources to assemble a custom PDF file, and offer it as a download.

Some details about the PDF generation - The process would be triggered by a WP website form submission. The PDF form would be built using a pre-made template in which certain fields (name, address, et cetera) would be populated from database fields, and, based on another database field, the PDF template would have several pre-made PDF pages appended to it.


Per this post, https://community.filemaker.com/message/552500#552500, I thought it would be ideal to use Monkey Bread's FM plugin package for their PDF creation abilities, and I believe this package would live on the local FM server.


From what I've read of Web Direct, it is designed, ultimately, for someone to view database information directly in a browser. I'm pretty sure that this is a CWP task, paired with PHP.

I'm referring to this resource https://www.dbservices.com/articles/how-to-create-a-pdf-from-filemaker-server/  for PDF creation using PHP.


Working through FMS15 manual to learn about this, I'll post updates as I come across them.