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    GTRR not working


      I have two tables:


      Golf Club Sets - only has a description of the set

      Golf Clubs - has a separate record for each golf clubs in the set


      The golf clubs are linked to the Golf Club Sets via the following relationship


      ClubsHeader::ID <--- ClubsDetails::ID_ClubsHeader


      I have a layout with using the table occurrence shown above and the set is shown at the top of the screen with a portal at the bottom of the screen with the clubs listed.  I have an edit button next to the portal that I want the user to be able to click to edit the details of the golf club.  However, when I click it, it always goes to the first club in the portal and that's the only one I can get to.  It will never go to any other club even if I click on one of the other ones.  What am I doing wrong?


      In my GTRR command I have the following set:


      Get related record from:  table occurrence shown above

      Show record using layout:  my layout for editing the clubs which is set to the same table occurrence shown above

      Results:  Show only related records is checked and I selected "match all records in current found set" because I want them to be able to use the next and previous buttons on my editing layout to move to another club


      I've done this before, but I can seem to get this to work.  Any and all help appreciated.

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          Put the button inside the portal row

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            That occurred to me also so I had previously tried that without any luck.

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              Attached is a screen shot of my golf clubs screen - neither Edit button works by going to the related record (there is one in the portal row and one in a button bar).gtrr_issue.jpg

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                Putting the button inside the portal row means that clicking it puts the focus on the row where you clicked the button before performing the GTRR. This works, use it all the time.


                Since it doesn't work for you:


                a) make sure button is part of the portal. In recent versions, you can enter layout mode and move the portal a few pixels. The button should move when you move the portal. If it does not move, drag the button away from the portal, release mouse button, then drag it back do not "let go" until button is fully within the borders of the portal row.


                b) Show us a screenshot of the GTRR script step so that we can see all of the script step's parameters. And please tell us HOW it doesn't work for you. Do you get an error message? Do you get the wrong portal record? Nothing happens? (I know you said that it goes to first record in your first post, but is that still how it fails now?)

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                  Thank you for your assistance.


                  The screen shot below shows the script step.  If I move the portal, the Edit button moves so I know it is in the proper place.


                  What happens is no matter what row I click the edit button on, I'm taken to the edit layout and the the first club in the portal row is displayed, in addition, ONLY that club is accessible in the new layout so it's almost like it's filtered out all the other clubs.



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                    Try selecting Match Current Record Only

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                      a) make sure "get related record from" in this dialog and "show related records from" in portal set up are exactly the same. If they aren't the same, you may then have to pick a different layout--one based on an occurrence of the portal's table when you make this change.


                      b) select "current record only". This option matches the current layout record to all related portal records. When performed from the context of a portal row, the portal record will be the current record in a found set of all records in the portal. The match found set option matches all records in your layout table's found set to all of their related records.