GTRR not working

Discussion created by jjfcpa on Feb 10, 2017
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I have two tables:


Golf Club Sets - only has a description of the set

Golf Clubs - has a separate record for each golf clubs in the set


The golf clubs are linked to the Golf Club Sets via the following relationship


ClubsHeader::ID <--- ClubsDetails::ID_ClubsHeader


I have a layout with using the table occurrence shown above and the set is shown at the top of the screen with a portal at the bottom of the screen with the clubs listed.  I have an edit button next to the portal that I want the user to be able to click to edit the details of the golf club.  However, when I click it, it always goes to the first club in the portal and that's the only one I can get to.  It will never go to any other club even if I click on one of the other ones.  What am I doing wrong?


In my GTRR command I have the following set:


Get related record from:  table occurrence shown above

Show record using layout:  my layout for editing the clubs which is set to the same table occurrence shown above

Results:  Show only related records is checked and I selected "match all records in current found set" because I want them to be able to use the next and previous buttons on my editing layout to move to another club


I've done this before, but I can seem to get this to work.  Any and all help appreciated.