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    Go media app questions


      I am interested in making a FileMaker Go app that can play video. The videos that we use will be for company use only and cannot go on YouTube. I am also interested in working with YouTube videos for a Go app, however, that will not fit for this app. These are the question that I have:

      Can FileMaker Go Apps have external storage for container file?

      Can a FileMaker Go App connect to online storage if you are not on FileMaker Server?


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          Johan Hedman

          FileMaker databases have to options for storing files.


          1. Internally inside the file


          2. Externally on FileMaker Server.


          If you want to be able to play a video and have your videos stored on FileMaker Server you need to make sure you have good bandwidth on your user on FileMaker Go.


          Here is a link that is very useful if you want to create a FileMaker Go App

          FileMaker Go 15 Development Guide

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            Thank you, this helps a lot!

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              You can use  html in webviewer to play videos from a website or from the document folder.  


              FileMaker Go doesn’t support storing container field data externally.

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                Okay... can you explain what the document folder is? Is that the Videos folder on the iPhone/iPad? If this is a way to move videos to the iPhone with the iTunes procedure (because it is fast) and point to them to your Go app, I am so interested. I testing with embedding the file in solution, and it is way too slow, and sometimes just bombs out. That is when moving the file to the iPhone. I want a way to make a video playing app that can use the video related script steps (e.g. GetAVPlayerAttribute). I want this video to be stored locally on the phone Thanks

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                  The documents folder is the folder that stores the FileMaker Go files. When you go to the launch center and tap Devices you will see the files in the Documents folder.  FileMaker can only directly access files in the documents folder and the temp folder. You can not put a folder in the documents folder.

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                    AVPlayer is used to play video from a container field.   The document folder is where FMGo stores files. 

                    Use insert menu or drag and drop to add video to container field in your database.  Inserting content into container fields  AVPlayer is only supported in FMGo / ios devices.


                    Use dropbox or icloud drive to copy your database to your ios device.    Once you copy the file to dropbox or icloud drive, start FMGo 15, Select the Device icon, select the download icon (folder with downarrow), select location (defaults to iCloud Drive), then select fmp12 file.

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                      @Johan Hedman @schamblee @rgordon OK… you guys nailed if for me!... how I would get the files into the iPhone. That is great news; I did not know that you could drag files to the app via iTunes. I thought they had to be just *.fmp12 files only. Cool… now I am interested in understanding how the container file setup from Desktop can relate to the documents folder for Go. I wonder how to reference the filename when it sits in the Go Documents folder. To test what I will do is use the Replace after clicking on the icon on the media container. Then I think if I drag my Go app back to Desktop (via iTunes) I can get some real clues. Thanks so much