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email script not working

Question asked by aassist on Feb 11, 2017
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I am using Filemaker 15, windows 7.  My email account is through go daddy. 


I have two scripts, one that goes to a member account, selects the layout, creates a PDF out of it and saves it in a folder on my desktop.  This one is working.


Then I have a script to email the PDF along with a email subject line and body. 

If I use the script option send via SMTP option I get error message emails could not be sent successfully. 


If I use the option to send via email client, outlook opens, a new message comes up and the email is all set up exactly how it should with the correct send to address, subject, body and attachment.  However, I get a message that the action cannot be completed because the other program is busy.  My choices are "switch to" to activate the busy program and correct the problem or "retry". Cancel is also an option but it is grayed out.   If I click on switch to the lower left hand pop up tab with applications comes up. 




thanks is advance!