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    Chromecast et al


      A few years back I asked about using Chromecast and FileMaker without knowing that much about Chromecast, The responses weren't that heartening.


      Now a few years later the facts have changed or been updated.


      I found AirServer which costs a grand total of $15 and works on Macs and PCs and does all kinds of things. It works like Reflector and Parrot but doesn't have the iPhone or iPad silhouettes but it does a heck of a lot.


      AirServer - The Most Advanced AirPlay, Miracast and Google Cast receiver for Mac, PC and Xbox One


      Right out of the box or download it worked someting that didn't happen with the others but that may have been do to earlier software and maybe Apple updated IOS since the Airplay function worked without hiccuping this time.


      My prime interest is in capturing my iPhone screen and making a video so even if the other stuff doesn't work, I'm happy. If I can take my laptop to a client or where ever and broadcast onto their 60 inch TV, OK...


      I would love to have a USB stick that would connect the iPhone to the TV and maybe ROKU or somebody does this?


      Anyway, check out Airplay. You can show your iPhone on your PC screen and I would imagine the TV...

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          Johan Hedman

          You might be at the wrong forum. This is a FileMaker Community Forum, not a Chromecast or anything else. That might be the reason why you do not get that many responses about Chromecast. I suggest you look at Google for you answer and come back when you have something to ask about FileMaker at this forum

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            Perhaps I didn't format my question correctly.


            I want to use, if possible, Chromecast to display my fmp dbs on a large TV screen. I've done this using Apple TV but I'd prefer to use the cheaper Chromecast smaller unit.


            AirServer lets me use AirPlay to display my iPhone screen on my laptop while I am developing and can see the changes as they happen and AirPlay says it works with Chromecast, ...oops... Google Cast and Miracast and Airplay.


            Those nice GO screen videos you see can be produced with Reflector, Parrot, Airplay and a few of the free apps.


            So, there is a tie in with FileMaker, you see.

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              Johan Hedman

              If you have any software that can broadcast your screen unto another screen I see no problem running FileMaker there. I have done several large TV-screen where my customer want to see a number for different dashboards, lists and other important things.


              Customer 1

              Want to see rooms booked. There is 2 different layouts that I show on a iPad at the front of each entrance of a conference room. On layout that shows schedule for that day for specific conference room and second layout showing what happens in other rooms right now. I have a On Timer Script that changes layout every 30 second and gives automatically update screen with actual data for present time


              Customer 2

              Need to see dashboard, list of important customer cases and employee information. They have a big TV screen where I use a Mac Mini (hidden behind the TV) to show

              Dashboard, how are we doing with sales right now, this week and this month according to budget

              Lists of new customers, customer in need of response right away and finished deals for today

              Employee information, if there is a meeting today for a certain group, birthdays and so on

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                Sounds familiar to me. I used an Apple TV instead but had to run an ethernet cable across the floor...


                The local library has a usb stick plugged into their TV and it loops through a video, etc.


                I am using AirServer Connect to broadcast my iPhone to my laptop where i can view it or create a video from my actions in GO. There is also Air Parrot and Reflector and several free apps.

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                  Johan Hedman

                  If the TV have connection to wireless network you can always have a it connect WebDirect solution and then have that solution use OnTimer scripts

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                    Thanks gofmp, a very useful update, ... AirServer seems to be a very useful tool !!