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    Database access


      How can I give my brother a database which I have created, and that would prohibit him from sharing it with somebody else, and not be able to send it to somebody else.?




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          host it with filemaker server and setup a user account so he can access it.


          If you pass him the file with a password to login, you will never be able to stop him from accessing the file or passing it on without writing a complex "phone home" licensing system that you will need to keep up and running for the lifetime of the file. While that *is* possible, it's definitely easier to host it and use the built in privileges.

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            is it possible to make it an app and send it to him via app?

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              FM has a compiled runtime feature, but that doesn’t stop him from passing that on to other people.


              If you host on filemaker server, you control the access remotely.

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                It maybe possible as follows:


                1) You must first obtain your computer’s or mobile device’s “Get ( PersistentID )”.

                2) You must then obtain brother’s  computer’s or mobile device’s “Get ( PersistentID )”.

                3) Create a table (1 record) and store these Persistent IDs.

                4) Create a Script that gets the current computer or mobile device’s “Get ( PersistentID )”  to a variable. in this script, compare the current computer or mobile devices Persistent ID in the variable against the Persistent IDs stored in the table. If there is match proceed as normal. (exit script). If there is no match, then Close File.

                5) Under File menu; File Options…; Script Trigger panel; set the script to run on FirstWindowOpen.

                6) If you can create a Runtime, remove Admin access permanently.

                7) Give Runtime. Also instructions for how to open Runtime.


                The FM file will open only on systems that have Persistent IDs stored.

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                  the simple version is if you don't trust your brother don't give him the database.

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                    To send / distribute to him, if file is very large for email, then use / upload to: DropBox, or iCloud Drive, or Google Drive, or OneDrive. Then email the file's download link.

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                      Sharing to him with Server is the way to go as you still have control of the file, but if you do send him the file with some sort of security feature such as using a persistent ID or dial home feature then I suggest that you use FileMaker Advanced to enable 'encryption at rest' or remove admin rights from the file completely to prevent someone from hacking the file to gain admin rights.

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                        So wandering if this would make sense, if i had a username and password, and sent the files to him and then i would insert the password in his device and then enable save password to chain.... this would give him access and if he every would pass it on it would ask for a password? correct?

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                          No, he could just get the password out of his keychain, and pass the file (which he has access to) along with the password along to anybody else in the world.

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                            i am currently trying to do that, if i go into settings , manage ketychain, and thats where i can go no further..