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Charting Problem related to GetNthRecord

Question asked by sccardais on Feb 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2017 by philmodjunk

I'm having a problem charting (column)  the last value in a data series. I think it has to do with another dependent field, also a calculation) that uses GetNthRecord to grab a value from the next record in the found set.


Only one table is involved. RTM_Periods. Each record hold values for a 12 month period.


RTM_Period_Start is the starting date for the 12 month period.

RTM_Period_End is the end date of the 12 month period.

RTM_CHURN is the number of Orgs that canceled their service in the 12 month period.

RTM Customers_At_End is the number of customers at the end of the period.

RTM_CustomersAtStart = is a calculation field that grabs the value in RTM_Customers_At_End from the next record in the found set using GetNthRecord. (edited to correct error in original post)

RTM_CHURN_Rate = RTM_CHURN / RTM_CustomersATStart


I want to chart the RTM_CHURN_Rate.

  • x axis = RTM_Period_End
  • y axis = RTM_CHURN_Rate.


When viewed in table or list view, the values needed for this chart are displayed correctly but when using the same found set, the last datapoint in the series (RTM_CHURN_Rate) is blank. The screenshot below is actually 2 screenshots combined into one. The table view shows the correct values for the periods ending Nov, Dec and Jan 2017. The table view also shows that the clients at Start is the same value as the Clients at End for the next record. The column chart shows the problem. The values for 1/31/2017 aren't showing. Should be 14.11%.


Any help would be appreciated.