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    Add items to a Portal


      I am trying to add specific records to a portal, and was wondering what the best way might be.


      We have a "Projects" table and I would like the ability to have only specifically selected "Customers" show up in a portal.


      Do I need to add another Table call it "Customer Line Item"? This new table would be similar to a Line Items table between a "Products" Table and an "Invoice" table.


      Or can I do it with a table occurrence?

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          You haven't provided enough answers, and even so a portal may not be the right solution.


          Can each project have more than one Customer attached to it? If so then you need a join table (CustomerProjects for example). Then you place a CustomerProjects portal on either Customers or Projects to display the joined info from the other side.


          If each Project only has one Customer attached to it. Then a portal isn't necessary and you can just join Customers (primary key) to Projects (Customer Foreign Key) to display related Customer data on a project layout. In this case you can also create a portal of Projects on the customer view.

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            What do you mean by "specific customers?"  Is it that only certain customers are eligible to be added to a certain project so it would be a sub-set of choices per project?  Or do you just want to pick from your full list of customers and just relate some to each project?

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              I apologize for not supplying enough info.


              Projects will have multiple customers involved, there will be some overlap of customers from project to project but the customers involved will almost always vary.


              On any given project different customers may be involved. So on "Project A" "Customer2, Customer5, Customer6" might be involved. Then on "Project B" Customer5, Customer7, Customer8 might be involved.

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                Sounds like all you need is a join table between Projects and Customers.  Is there something else I am missing?

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                  When you have these relationships:



                  Projects::__pkProjectID = Join::_fkProjectID

                  Customers::__pkCustomerID = Join::_fkCustomerID

                  With "allow creation..." enabled for Join in the projects to Join relationship....


                  You can put a portal to Join on your projects layout and format _fkCustomerID with a drop down list or popup menu of customer ID's and names. Selecting a customer in this field creates a new record in Join and auto-enters the current value of __pkProjectID into the new join record's _fkProjectID. You can include a customer name and other fields from customers in this portal as needed.

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                      I have that working.


                      I will now try and create a popover portal for the selection process.

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                        Note that this popover button cannot be placed inside the portal row of the portal to join. It can work, but put the button outside of the other portal so that you don't break the "no portal inside another portal" rule.

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                          Ok, thank you