Error 52 Web Publishing Core and...Not running

Discussion created by brickert on Feb 12, 2017
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FileMaker error: Communication Error: (52) Empty reply from server - The Web Publishing Core and/or FileMaker Server services are not running.

Not sure where to start...


I am new to php and Filemaker. I am not the programmer but the designer. I love the flexibility of FM.

I hired a PHP/API programmer and a PHH/HTML/CSS developer to join forces. The PHP person is very familiar with FM as well but does not consider himself to be an expert.


We have a need to get data from FM and push it to our Ecommerce store using XML and PHP via Jason API.


We are testing this connection using a php routine that gets data from FM and presents it in the browser.

Here is an example of that script: This fails after only 6 loops.


Once it fails it will not work again for more than a few minutes. I do not have a good time for this but it can be at least 10 minutes. It seems to start working fine then again fails.


I am posting here in hopes that the readers will give me some comfort that doing such tasks with FMS is not unusual and this should work.


Filemaker support has agreed to look into this as well.




Here are the actions/status taken so far..

  1. Remove FMS and re-install
  2. No other apps are running on server.
  3. Server is iMac New 64 GB Memory, SSD system drive.
  4. Network is FIOS 100MB
  5. Server is off site, two users attached via FM
  6. One connection via PHP
  7. Data being pulled from FM is in a flat table with no calculations.