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    Find\search found set without changing active record


      In a script, I want to be able to search my current found set for a field that matches a value, and simply return the ID of that record to the script WITHOUT actually changing the active record...


      For example. Let's say I have a Projects table and a Tasks Table.


      ID     ProjectName



      ID     TaskName     ProjectID     AssignedUser      DependentTaskID     Completed


      My found set is a list of all task for a related project, I'm viewing a single task (form view), When I mark a task as completed, I want to run a script that searches all the other tasks in the found set, and if it finds one in which the "DependentTaskID" matches the "ID" of the active task, it notifies that "AssignedUser" that the dependent task has been completed.  So if I just completed the "Cut Potatoes" task, the owner of the "Cook Potatoes" task is notified.

      I tried to do a loop, but it changes the active record to the last record.  I want to loop\search, do an action, without actually changing the active record.


      Go To Record/Request/Page [First]


           If [Tasks::DependTaskID = $CurrentID}

                ....(do stuff)

           End If

           Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]

      End Loop