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    touch keyboard: "done" loop system


      I have a problem with the touch keyboard on iPad.
      I open a popup window where I have a list of fields.
      I select the field, I enter a numeric value:

      - If I click on the screen (outside the pop up) run properly trigger the script "close object", closes the popup and sum the numbers that I have entered
      - If I click on "done" of the touch keyboard, the system hangs in a loop and do not know what he is doing

      It's possible to remove the button "done" or rather the entire navigation bar that appears at the opening of the touch keypad?
      Thank you


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          Johan Hedman

          FileMaker Go have it´s specific keyboards that you can choose in Inspector for different kind of field types.

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            Not sure what data to look for but, it seems like you need to test for the DONE char.

            have  you looked at



            OnLayoutKeystroke functions

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              It sound like the script is triggered when you exit the popover. Tapping done on the keyboard does not close the popover So the script is not triggered. Done means you are finished entering data. I don't think you are in a loop, you just haven't triggered the script. Put a Done button in the popover to perform the script you want.  Also use a numberic keyboard.

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                Thanks to all of the recommendations.
                But maybe I'm wrong explained the problem.
                I chose the keyboard, numeric keypad only, but:

                - With pop up open: click on the screen out of the pop up is successfully run the trigger fired by the script (on output object)

                - With the open pop up: click on "done" is in the works and I do not know what you're doing (desktop I can not catch the action with the debugging because it performs I just closing the pop up but I have not the DONE key )

                If possible I just want to remove all items above the numeric keypad, as in the photo attached, the items' previous, next, the symbols and finally EXIT ".
                it's possible?



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                  Another option is to run the trigger after the user exits the number field.  The Done will exit the field.  Personally I usually recommend disabling the toolbar so the done will not appear.

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                    There is a script step to disable the toolbar, Show/Hide Toolbar.  Make sure to check the Include Edit Record Toolbar. As previously stated if the script triggers on the closing of the popover, you must do something that closes the popover for the script to trigger.

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                      thank you!
                      I did not put the flag to "Include Edit Toolbar Record".
                      Now only remains the formatting toolbar. I can also remove that (I should save space)?

                      Thank you


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                        Alternatively you can add to the attached button numeric keypad? If the pop-up I have a list of far more items with numeric keypad can not I see all the rows.


                        Schermata 2017-02-13 alle 16.31.52.png

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                          You can not add the close keyboard key to the numeric keypad.  If this was my project, I would disable the keyboard and then build my own numeric keypad in the popover.  This would be a much nicer user interface.  There are multiple past discussions on building your own keypad.

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                            OK thanks.
                            Alternatively, you can not even resize the keyboard?

                            If you see my attachment each line has two lines in the popup (identified with 002 and NIL).
                            The problem is that when I click on the second rga, one referring to NIL to change the number, the keyboard is too big and covered my voice.
                            I tried to put the scroll bar but having only two elements in the pop up is really bad, it would be ideal to have a slightly smaller keyboard.