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    Loading sorted records from server


      I have some sub-summary layouts which needs sorted records. Since, my file is hosted in filemaker server in cloud, all the records are fetched first before sorting.


      This is causing some delays and I'm imagining what will happen if there will be lots of records.


      Is there anyway to speed it up?

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          If you can, limit the number of records to be sorted and the number of fields in each record.



          1. Since you are producing a summary report, if your summary report is such that the data in any given record represents data from multiple records, investigate whether you can set up a "summary table" where each row of data in your report references a single record in the summary table.
          2. If you have a large number of fields in each record of your table, consider splitting the table into two parts linked in a one to one relationship. Make one of the two tables have only the fields needed for your report.
          3. Don't have a script enter this layout while in browse mode, enter find mode, then change layouts, then perform the find.
          4. See if you can put limits on how many records can be found by controlling what search criteria can be used in setting up this report.
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