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[ANN] FileMaker Top Call Stats Analysis With FMPerception

Discussion created by Todd Geist on Feb 13, 2017

2/13/17 - The latest version of FMPerception, from Geist Interactive has a new Top Call Stats Log Analysis feature.

If you turn on the Filemaker Top Call Stats log, FileMaker Server will log the longest running operations, during a log interval.  It saves up to 25 calls per logging interval. This is a great resource to help find those areas of your database that might not be performing well. But it is difficult to read.  First, there is a lot of data. You’ll need to import it into a FileMaker Database or a spreadsheet to be able to do any kind of sorting or filtering. Second, FileMaker Server doesn’t use the names of elements when it saves them in the log. It uses the internal IDs. This is good for security but it makes it difficult to tell what’s going on.  FMPerception has a new feature that can help you make sense of your log.


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