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Page Break after body on List based Report

Question asked by davidcrisp on Feb 13, 2017

Hi All,


I'm a little stuck and cannot find a solution by googling, so I'm posting here in the hopes someone can help.


I have a report view I've designed, which has the following part structure



Leading Grand Summary

Body (List View, Multiple Records)

Trailing Grand Summary



What I need to do, to keep my page management in line and have headers show up correctly is get a page break in between my Body part and my Trailing Grand Summary.

Despite having the "Page break before each occurrence" option checked on the part definition, the page just ignores this when I preview it, and leaves me with the part mashed up against my last row of the body, which I'd rather avoid.


Most of the objects on my layout are set to slide up if there is blank space above it, and I've tried taking this off the topmost item in the Trailing Grand Summary Part but this doesn't seem to make a difference


I've also tried (in vain) to use the Sub-summary part to try to force this behaviour but possibly due to lack of experience using these, I can't get it to break.


If anyone has any idea on how to force the break, I'd really appreciate it.