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Auto complete field in a portal row

Question asked by avallejo on Feb 13, 2017
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Hi all!


So, now I'm trying to make a simple accounting system to calculate costs for surgical procedures. I setup this test database wit tables for the patients, the surgical procedure, the procedures list and a join table that joins the surgeries and the procedures (I called this faturas_tbl)

I think I set the adequate relationships and what I wanted to happen is that when I choose the procedure from the portal in the cirurgia_tbl layout, it would auto-complete code and value. So I tried two things, based on other posts that I found here.


1. A script that should lookup the values and set the fields when the procedure name is saved in the popup field.

2. Defined the fields as lookups  and set them to lookup the values in the procedures table.


None work. In the attached DB both of them are set. But all I get is the failure result I set.

Also I can't make those fields show all the time, just when I get it in focus, though I tried to change this behavior in the inspector...

Working on FMAdv 15 here...


Any hints?


Best wishes,