Scripting Search on User Input with Additional Search Parameters

Discussion created by hsutton47 on Feb 13, 2017
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I've been away a long while back and have upgraded from FM10 Pro Adv to FM15 Pro Adv.


I have a video database and trying to understand how to do the following.


I have a search screen created with a Global Field (gTITLE).  Once the user types in the title, I have a button to "Continue" which runs the script.


I want what was typed into the gTITLE field to search against HSVIDEO::Title


That may return multiple records of the same title due to more than one person owning this title.


Once the records are found, I then want to filter down the found set to those records where the owner is "HS" only.  Prefer this be "hard coded" vs. dynamic since I'm only wanting this filter for the purpose of this script.


But I cannot get that far because I cannot figure out how to take the gTITLE user input and search across all records for that title.


Originally I was trying to prompt the user with a custom dialog box for processing the user input but the search form with the gTITLE field and the Continue button seems like it would be an easier solution.  Of course I would love to learn the other eventually.


I know this is very simple for everyone but I've lost a lot of what I learned a few years ago.  Tips to help me jump start back into this would be greatly appreciated.