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Avoiding multiple layouts for occurrences of the same table?

Question asked by user27808 on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by philmodjunk

I'm working on a small project for a boat rental company. They would like to have a comprehensive database of their boats and all the equipment/rental history/service history of those. This means lots of images too - photos of  sails, instruments, batteries, cabin equipment etc. Came up with a data model where the one table ("Photos") is used via multiple t.o.-s to represent photos of inventory items, boats etc. The relation is set up using a global ("photo_type") so that the gtrr script step will go to the related image types (i.e. inventory photos, boat photos, instrument photos etc).


The problem is that I would like to avoid replicating the exact same layout for different t.o-s for economic and debugging reason, just one layout with all the bells and whistles (adding photo, deleting photo, browsing through photos). Is this doable? The only thing I could come up was to avoid using gtrr and do a "search" instead on a non-related layout but I'm concerned about the performance penalty of a search script step vs direct relation. Also, the solution should work in a browser (somewhat limits available controls).