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Question - Work with IP-Range

Question asked by Stigge on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Stigge

Hi all


I have 2 tables

1 - Sites

2 - Assets


In "sites" i have 2 variables, <Start of IP Range> and <End of IP Range>


Site1 =

IP_Start =

IP_End =


Site2 = 

IP_Start =

IP_ENd =


and in "assets" i have <IP>.


Asset1 =

IP =




Asset  -   Sites

<IP>   <  <IP_End>

<IP>   >  <IP_Start>


But i cant get it to show correct "Site" in my assets. Fields are text, tryed to do a calculated field GetAsNumber( <Field> ). and remade the relation to the number field instead. but i think it has problem to convert it to a number. not sure. But am guessing its some trick to use here.


Anyone have any idea ?  =)



Thank you