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    Question - Work with IP-Range


      Hi all


      I have 2 tables

      1 - Sites

      2 - Assets


      In "sites" i have 2 variables, <Start of IP Range> and <End of IP Range>


      Site1 =

      IP_Start =

      IP_End =


      Site2 = 

      IP_Start =

      IP_ENd =


      and in "assets" i have <IP>.


      Asset1 =

      IP =




      Asset  -   Sites

      <IP>   <  <IP_End>

      <IP>   >  <IP_Start>


      But i cant get it to show correct "Site" in my assets. Fields are text, tryed to do a calculated field GetAsNumber( <Field> ). and remade the relation to the number field instead. but i think it has problem to convert it to a number. not sure. But am guessing its some trick to use here.


      Anyone have any idea ?  =)



      Thank you


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          Your IP addresses represent text. You can't compare them as though they are numbers as "text rules" for comparing values will apply. With text, "20" > "200000000000000000" is a true statement.


          I think that you'd need to set up a calculation field that converts the entered IP address into something such as:

          IP_Startcompare =

          IP_ENDcompare =


          The addition of leading zeroes ensures that "text rules" for comparing values produces the same result as though comparing numbers.


          If the first part of the two IP addresses are always to be the same, you might also set up a calculation that extracts the final value (everything after the last period character) as a number to use for comparison purposes.

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            Hi Philmodjunk


            problem is that the scoop is always different. only part that is always the same is the first section. 10.

            Then depending if they are remote connected it can be different from 10.001 to 10.009. but if they are located in an office. its always 10.205.xxx.xxx

            So the scoop is really changing :/


            But if i understand after googling around like crazy.. i need to devide the IP parts in to Part1, Part2, Part3 and Part4

            Problem is that i need to do that in the variable of the table in a calculation. and i dont know how :/

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              As long as the number of digits in each section is the same, you do not need to insert leading zeroes.


              You can break down this string into parts very simply, however.


              GetValue ( Substitute ( "" ; "." ; ¶ ) ; 1 )


              will return the text "10" (without the quotes). Just change the last parameter from 1 to 2, 3 or 4 to extract the other sets of digits.

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                Thank you. That was exacly what i was needing. =)

                Had to do some minor changes, like skipping the last value of the ip scoop. but it works perfecly.


                Thank you