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    Saving an extended found set


      Good morning.


      Is there any easy way to save an extended found set?


      Here is what the user would do. (1) 'Enter Find Mode' (2) Key in your criteria - 'Perform Find'. I just found three items. (3) I now 'Save Current Find. (4) I come back later and run my saved find. I am presented with three items. (5) Go back into 'Enter Find Mode', add another item. (6) Choose 'Extend Found Set'. I am now presented with four items. (7) I now need to save this new found set. When I run the new saved find I would be presented with four items.


      I need this to happen with scripting to keep it simple for the user.





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          how do you run the 'saved find'?  Do you keep your own history of found sets or do you relay on FM's 'saved finds'?


          When you restore the saved find do you expect to only get those 4 items or however many there are depending on the criteria?

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            Two general methods that can be used to "save a find" without using the options listed in the records menu:


            Save the criteria used to perform the find.

            Save a list of the primary keys produced by the find.


            Both can be done, there are differences in the results when you choose to use this stored info to produce a found set, so it's up to you to decide which option works best.


            A simple way to capture the list of primary keys is to define a "list of" summary field that lists the primary key field. You can then create a record in a related table of "stored find results" and set a text field in that new record to the value of the summary field.

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              I save the find under the Find option on the tool bar. When I run the first saved find I get a result of three items. I want to add another item. A new saved find would result in the four items.