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Multiple users creating duplicate records

Question asked by marcm on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by philmodjunk

I have an issue with multiple users creating records and it duplicates my record numbers.


I have 2 tables. Table one is the entry table and the records are displayed in a portal.

Table 2 holds the records.

User click the New Records button in table on is sets the Key# filed from table 1 in a variable and creates the records in table 2 , sets the key # field in table 2 record with the Key# and creates a sequence # based on the number of found records.


To get the sequence # I find the records, set a variable to the number of found records and set the sequence # in the new records to the variable.



The records are then displayed in a portal in table 1.


The issue is if 2 users click the new button in table 1 at the same time or within a second or 2 it duplicates the sequence # in table 2 on both records.  The users will be working at the same time. Not an issues if there are a few seconds between clicks but users are in different locations and will be using this frequently.


any ideas?


I tried putting multiple commit records steps between script steps...but didn't work.


thanks in advance,