Sequence Generator and UUID instead of auto enter serial numbers

Discussion created by tcswco on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by destroid

For many years I have relied on FileMaker's built in auto enter serial numbers for primary key values.  The obvious complication with auto enter serial numbers is upgrading solutions by importing data into new files. I am evaluating whether changing over to UUID values stored in number fields, therefore converted to decimal values, would be a positive change and generally be more efficient to manage than auto enter serial numbers. 


Since I will still need a way to generate sequential numbers I am considering using a technique on the order of ScaleFM's Sequence Generator for human readable values such as invoice numbers.  With ScaleFM's Sequence Generator it appears the implemention is to maintain the sequence number generator in a separate file.  Is there any reason the funcionality of the sequence generator needs to be a separate file or could it be added to my existing solution file?  I typically build solutions based on a single file so the advantage of having a separate file is not clear to me at this time. 


Does anyone wish to share advice, comments or warnings on wheather or not I should stick with auto enter serial numbers or move on to other options?  I am just starting up what will likely become a very large project so now is a good time for me to make changes.


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