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Is there any Filemaker expert in Waterloo Ontario area? I would like to learn more about defining my database, I am having difficulty to use the Lookup field to select my input from a related table.

Question asked by terencetcm on Feb 14, 2017
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I am developing a database for my own use, using Filemaker Pro.  The database is to use in an acupuncture clinic, with patient information, disease differentiate into many patterns, with specific treatment methods and acupuncture points.  The logic is, when the patient come in, I take the patient's information and vital signs, and symptoms, then using the existing Disease table to select (LOOKUP) the specific patterns and then select the treatment methods and also has the ability to edit the LOOKUP values from Diseases table.


I am not familiar with the syntax of LOOKUP and calculation, if any expert live close to Waterloo Ontario, I would like to learn more from.