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Infra set up for a product catalog

Question asked by HWSpaces on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Johan Hedman

Looking for advice on how to deploy (and back up) a product catalog which will have quite a large set of image, document  and video files (up to 1 TB we think). The current application is a CRM  (FMPS 15) which runs on our in-house server, RAID 5 array, backed up to another single disk; the db is not  large as we haven't done anything much with container fields to date. 


But we are planning for a product catalog to be integrated into the solution, with users able to find product images, download and use to create documents and quotes  (via 360 works Scribe) for clients. The catalog will be quite large with 2,000 products, many with hi res images for both the main pic and also the options (like color , fabric etc) . These also have to appear on screen to the user. A client training UI might have an menu to select training videos that we put on USB or transfer


I'm looking for the optimal set up here to have the solution run fast while storing and displaying what will be a very large amount of data. Back up we could do to a  NAS (have to get one anyway) or  our cloud server, though that is not very quick as its located in another country. 


Thanks in advance for recommendations...