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LatLngs, mapping and searching within polygons

Question asked by tvrv8s on Feb 14, 2017
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We have a large number of objects geocoded with their location in Lat/Lng.


When a new object record is entered by a user, we need to identify whether the object's lat/lng falls within an area defined separately by a polygon of lat/lngs. Let's say we're adding shipwrecks in and around the Bermuda Triangle. We want to know which fall within that triangle and which outside it.

Example tables:


"Shipwrecks" Table

ShipwreckID ~ Number

Shipwreck Name ~ Text

Shipwreck Latitude ~ Number

Shipwreck Longitude ~ Number


"AreaPolygons" Table

PolygonID ~ Number

Polygon Name ~ Text

Polygon Points ~ Text   (or another solution)


Example data:


ShipwreckIDShipwreck NameShipwreck LatitudeShipwreck Longitude
1Shipwreck The First26.168543-70.379781
2Shipwreck The Second26.157647-70.274311
3Shipwreck The Third25.004188-57.969806



PolygonIDPolygon NamePolygon Points
1Bermuda Triangle32.155952,-65.207827_22.782545,-73.935260_33.342647,-79.082878



So if someone enters the third shipwreck, we need Filemaker to flag up that it's outside the Bermuda triangle.




There will be several polygons and we need the shipwreck's lat/lng checked against each.


Has anyone any ideas how to go about this?